Why this website?

The purpose of this website is to inform the broader public about the aims and activities of ICWV. This non-profit organization focuses primarily on organizing debates and creating books to influence public opinion in Western Europe and elsewhere.

  • It is our goal to make people aware of the antidemocratic tendencies within traditional Islam.
  • We are fighting the new wave of antisemitism in Europe and elsewhere.
  • We try to correct misconceptions regarding the history of Israel and the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.
  • We expose those who demonize Jews and the Jewish state.


Main Focus: Organizing Debates & Initiating Books

It is not our intention to become the next online forum for debate and the exchange of information.

Nevertheless we try to make this site an appealing place to visit. On a limited scale we will draw attention to hot issues and provide both comments and relevant data, to elevate the debate. Therefore we do invite you to send us content by email [content@icwv.org] to be posted at this website. When you are able to support us by making this site more interesting and informative, it will be highly appreciated.

Be aware: not all content presented at this website expresses the views of ICWV.

Each post represents the view of its author.