Mission Statement

International Center for Western Values is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to:

  • Propagating Western values of freedom and human rights for all.
  • Studying, exposing, and fighting antidemocratic tendencies and ideologies in Europe and elsewhere.
  • Combating attempts to curtail free speech and limit religious liberties.
  • Improving the public debate about Israel by presenting facts and correcting misinformation.
  • Fighting antisemitism and the defamation of the Jewish People and the Jewish State in Europe and elsewhere.


To achieve these goals International Center for Western Values will:

  • Fight bigotry, antisemitism, and intolerance by drawing attention to the issues at hand through conferences, debates, and publications both electronic and in print.
  • Offer an online platform for debate and the exchange of information (Virtual Library).
  • Support the Jewish State by being an advocate for Israel and explaining political and security issues, the historical background, and the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian/Israeli-Arab conflict to politicians, governments, media, educators, and the general public in Europe and elsewhere.
  • Fight against the denial of Jewish history in the land of Israel.
  • Support the arts, music, and literature within Western societies, to strengthen the moral fiber of Western culture.
  • Use any other legal means at its disposal.