All creatures look to you to give them their food at the proper time.

Few regions on earth dominate news headlines around the world as much as Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. The number of NGOs focused on promoting peace and peaceful coexistence in this region is uncountable. However, a dignified existence for all in this area cannot be guaranteed without attention to the fate of the animals that also live there. There is never too much attention to alleviating the concerns of human beings, but this should not lead to neglect of the fate of the animals. If Jews, Muslims, Palestinians, Arabs, Druze, Christians and all other groups living in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank really want their societies to develop into fully-fledged, well-functioning peaceful habitats, then attention must also be paid to animal rights and animal welfare in this region. To promote the flourishing of a peaceful society here, ICWV is committed to improving the living conditions of animals in this region, with (for practical reasons) first and foremost a focus on the welfare of street cats.

Among the activities ICWV does employ to create a better life for the stray cat population:

  • We are closely involved in distributing cat food among the stray cat population
  • Annually we catch street cats to get spaded or neutered
  • All year round, we provide medical treatment to street cats

Our efforts in this regard go alongside with those of a handful of other organizations aimed at bettering the life of the thousands of cats roaming the streets in this region. Again and again, we join forces to reach our mutual goals.

Cat catcher

We couldn’t be as effective as we are without the relendless efforts of Emanuel, Jerusalem’s only full-time independent cat catcher. His ingenuity, professionalism and dedication is a constant source of inspiration. No one cares more for these feline creatures as he does.

* From several Jewish sources, including the Bible, we learn that man is responsible for the well-being of the animals surrounding his home. Follow this link for more info on these teachings.