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ICWV Videos

ICWV is creating video statements by scholars and activists on the issues at hand. Click here for a list of these YouTube items.



ICWV Debates

ICWV will organize debates. The topics to be discussed will include the place of Islam in Western societies and the rising demonization of Israel. The first such debate took place on October 13, 2013, in Amsterdam. The second debate was held at December 1, 2014, again in Amsterdam.

Once dates and locations are final, the details will be posted on this site. Click here to read more.

We invite you all to participate in these upcoming events.


ICWV Publications



In April 2013, RVP Press in New York has issued a new edition of  The Neglected Duty, a groundbreaking study on the ideological roots of the Muslim Brotherhood by Prof. Hans Jansen. The release of this book was supported by ICWV.

ICWV is in the process of creating a steady stream of books with the intent to influence public opinion.

  • We are fighting the new wave of antisemitism in Europe and elsewhere.
  • We try to correct misconceptions regarding the history of Israel and the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.
  • It is our goal to make people aware of the antidemocratic tendencies within traditional Islam.
  • We expose those who demonize Jews and the Jewish state.

Click here to read more about the publications of ICWV.



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