Main contributors & partners

Prof. Dr. Johannes J.G. Jansen (texts by)

Bat Ye'or

Manfred Gerstenfeld

These writers and activists, who point towards antidemocratic tendencies within traditional Islam, fight antisemitism and/or expose those who try to the demonize the Jewish state, have committed themselves to join our efforts to:

  • make people aware of the antidemocratic tendencies within traditional Islam
  • fight the new wave of antisemitism in Europe and elsewhere
  • try to correct misconceptions regarding the history of Israel and the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis
  • expose those who demonize Jews and the Jewish state.

They will:

  • take part in the upcoming events, organized by ICWV
  • work with us by creating enlightening publications
  • contribute content to this website.

Information on the track record of the ICWV team and its partners.

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